Community Involvement

DEFC is working hard to strengthen its community partnerships in the belief that both on-field and off-field success is dependent not just on the club itself, but also on the strength of its relationships with other community members/stakeholders.

Type 1 Foundation Shield

Type 1 Foundation Shield

2017 saw the inception of the inaugural Type 1 Foundation Shield, a DEFC initiated charity match played in support of the Type 1 Foundation. The Type 1 Foundation is a not for profit group that strives to raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes through education in schools, medical practices and the community.

Providing support to families living with this chronic illness is paramount to the Foundation as is its aim to create a generation of young people with Type 1 Diabetes who understand, accept and manage their condition responsibly. The great Lou Richards’ family nominated the Type 1 Foundation as the recipient of donations at the time of his passing as Lou’s great grandson has Type 1 Diabetes.

To find out more about the Type 1 Foundation or to make a donation click on the following link: